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Bavaro Beach

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Bavaro Beach

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Bavaro beach is a perfect destination for all ages and especially retirement. This Dominican Republic’s destination will amaze you with its different attractions and service facilities. 

Where is Bavaro Beach located?

Located near Punta Cana airport (less than 40 min away), Bavaro is part of the easternmost province (La Altagracia) of the Dominican Republic and one of the most well-known places in Punta Cana. Its privileged location will allow you to enjoy different attractions out of this world.

What is Bavaro known for?

As mentioned above, Bavaro Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Its white sand, palm trees, and emerald water are the perfect combination for those that love the Caribbean and want to spend their lives in paradise. 

Bavaro is also known for its service facilities and tourist attractions. Historically, personnel working in Punta Cana hotels settled in Bavaro. This led the owners of different service facilities (e.g., shops, health-care facilities, banks) to establish in this little town. This growth also encouraged the opening of different tourist attractions (e.g., golf courts, water amusement parks, manatee parks) that will suit all tastes and ages and will ensure everyone has a great time. 

Are there any natural attractions?

Bavaro offers a natural swimming pool in its bay with gradual slopes, calm waves, warm water, and a sandy bottom. There you can practice snorkeling, watch sea life and have a good time. Near this pool, you will find Bavaro’s lagoon perfect for those that like natural attractions. Many international organizations have focused on exploring and studying this place for its unique conditions. You can travel in the mangrove and discover different biodiversity in the middle of crystal waters and natural sounds. 

Is Bavaro Beach safe?

The Dominican Republic government has invested in ensuring visitors and residents’ safety. It is one of the safest places in the country; however, minimal safety precautions are always advisable (i.e., not carrying great amounts of money in cash at once, not walking in the middle of the night in a lonely place). 

In terms of health safety measures, Punta Cana is a safe destination. Airports are required to offer the latest proactive and protective measures against coronavirus. Visitors should have health insurance coverage. As part of the national measures, the Dominican Republic created a national hotline for questions relating to COVID-19, established social distancing protocols in public spaces, and restricted large events. 

Is the Dominican Republic affordable?

The Dominican Republic provides great value for money compared to other destinations in the Caribbean. Live and Invest Overseas (a website that provides information on living, retiring, and investing overseas) states that it is possible to live comfortably on a $1200 monthly budget. If you want to have a more lavish lifestyle you may live on a $2,000 monthly budget. Health-care costs are significantly lower than in the United States, especially if you carry health insurance. 

Is Bavaro Beach worth retiring?

If your idea of retirement consists of pristine beaches, service facilities at affordable prices, Bavaro Beach is your perfect destination. Its warm weather (average temperatures go from 30 °(January) to 33 °(July) will win the heart of anyone tired of extreme weather conditions. Having everything at hand and in one place is an unquestionable advantage that will prevent you from driving miles to go to the store or pharmacy.

Bavaro is a golden retirement destination and in Blue Caribbean Real Estate we are aware of this. We take care of everything (from finding your dreamed house to dealing with all legal requirements). We have different connections throughout the country and the Caribbean -especially in Punta Cana-, ensuring that we will find the best option for your needs and desires. 

Our 30 years of experience allow us to provide the best-personalized experience you will have in the Caribbean and in the Dominican Republic. We like to know our customers and listen to their expectations and concerns. You will not have to settle with what your real estate agent offers you, you can choose the best option and live the life you have always dreamed of. If Bavaro Beach is your dreamed destination, contact us! We are more than eager to help you.

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