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Banks buoyant in surging Dominican Republic, with consolidation and new entrants attracted playing a major part

The rapid growth of the Dominican Republic economy in recent years has led to strong credit...
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Fun facts about the Dominican Republic that we bet you never knew

The DR delights visitors with its mix of white-sand beaches and "gingerbread" Victorian...
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The DR’s housing market shows a robust first quarter with no signs of slowing.

The Dominican Republic Housing Market Vs. The Pandemic Interest in Dominican Republic’s...
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We love Punta Cana, but what about the rest of the Dominican Republic?

Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic and a UNESCO world heritage site, is the...
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The Food In Punta Cana is Amazing, But The Seafood, Oh The Seafood!

Punta Cana is an internationally famous destination and a must-see location for those who are...
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Dominican Republic ’s Housing Market Remains Robust Despite Pandemic

Interest in Dominican Republic’s property market is rising fast again, following a temporary...
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What To Expect When You Travel: 3 Tips For Travelling To Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a dreamy place. It’s the favorite destination of many couples who are looking...
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Caribbean Real Estate: The Best Option To Invest

Caribbean real estate is an excellent option for profitable investments or a well-deserved...
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Punta Cana: Is Truly A Paradise In The Caribbean

You may have heard that Punta Cana is in the Caribbean, but do you know its exact location?...
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Is Punta Cana Safe? What Travelers Need to Know

Is Punta Cana safe? This question haunts the minds of many planning to buy Caribbean real...
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What Are The Best Places To Retire In The Caribbean

The Caribbean, the best place for rest and retirement If your idea of perfect retirement...
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Common Sense When Visiting and Living in the Dominican Republic

Common Sense When Visiting and Living in the Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic is a...
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