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The Dominican Republic Is Open

Open For Business - The Dominican Republic Opens Its Doors Post Covid19 Hotels That Have Reopened in the Dominican Republic September 30, 2020 Shared via By Cap Cana News  The Dominican Republic, which officially reopened on July 1st, is quickly becoming one of the globe’s hottest vacation destinations in a Covid-era travel world. Beautiful beaches, affordable prices, and super simple entry...

Top Restaurants When visiting in punta cana

Top Restaurants In Punta Cana

Dominican Cuisine Food Of The Islands Dominican cuisine has characteristics of Creole food, mixed with African and Arabic influences. A traditional dish—called the Flag—consists of white rice, stewed beans and chicken, pork or beef depending on your preference. However, Creole isn’t the only cuisine that the Dominican Republic has to offer. Punta Cana presents an assortment of incredible...

family on the beach in punta cana

Raising A Family In Dominican Republic

For many of us, when making the decision to move internationally, our first concern is our children and our family. Everyone would love the opportunity to move to a tropical location, however, it is imperative to know that your family will be safe and happy in their new environment. When I first came to Punta Cana, I never imagined it would be an ideal place to raise children. However, a few weeks after...

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