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Browse through our listings and discover the wide variety of property types that Punta Cana has to offer. From convenient golf course Punta Cana condos to beachfront property oases, lots, land and everything in between—let us help you find your dream property in your ideal location. Buying property in Dominican Republic with Blue Caribbean, your Punta Cana Real Estate.

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Do you want to invest your savings in an area whose economy and tourism are growing? Would you like to acquire a property in a strategic geographical location? Have you ever dreamed of living in the Dominican Republic? If the answer to some of these questions is yes, you are in the right place. Today we give you four reasons to invest your money in the Dominican Republic.

We are talking about a Caribbean country, the second most diverse and extensive country in this region, known worldwide for its beaches, tourist centers and tropical climate. Its population exceeds 11 million inhabitants and, in 2014, it was named as the first destination for investment and tourism in the Caribbean and Central America. In addition, the World Bank report ‘Doing Business 2016’ positions the Dominican Republic at number 93, in the world, as the best place to do business.

If you realized that you need more space (especially during lockdown) or that you want to move to a green destination with emerald blue waters and low prices, consider Punta Cana as your perfect destination.
Why Punta Cana? Simple. Besides being surrounded by breathtaking emerald blue waters with tropical weather where everything is green, peaceful, and affordable, Punta Cana has a large service center, world-famous golf courts, and luxury resorts. It has practically everything a resident needs to live comfortably. Investors know this is the perfect destination for foreigners seeking to run away from extreme weather conditions and the never-ending city rush.
Construction projects with different styles have decorated this Caribbean destination with luxury, comfort, and avant-garde touches. These projects suit all tastes: buyers may find low budget options with luxury finishes, more conservative styles, family-size options, retirement developments. You can choose among new construction projects in Punta Cana located at the beachfront or near town.

Buyers also find Punta Cana attractive as a summer destination where they can buy a property and rent it the rest of the year. This option has become popular among investors who want to get profit from a first-class destination. Properties here are a sound investment due to the increasing tourism, and great financial opportunities. National and local governments are always investing in this area. The great number of tourists each year leads to yields that are translated into greater public investment in roads, efficient drainage, Internet services, and mobile coverage.
Developers know this. In fact, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, they expect this sector to continue growing by 2021 and they are offering great deals -especially for preconstruction. If you are concerned about the financial conditions, the national government created a policy for equal opportunities to national and foreign investors. To encourage investment, banks are also offering fixed and low rates.
This is the best time to invest in Punta Cana and in Blue Caribbean, we offer the best team of experts that will find the best option for your needs. We can help you find the property that best suits your needs with great financial conditions, complying with all the legal requirements. Contact us and we will guide you through this process.

According to the World Bank, the economy of the Dominican Republic grew 5.3%, on average, between 2000 and 2019, and receives more than six million visitors a year. It is a country rich in natural resources, such as minerals and agriculture, and attracts a lot of foreign investment. A country where tourism continues to grow is a place where the economy flows and therefore generates a favorable climate for business.

The Dominican Republic has an exceptional geographical location, being a connection between North America and South America. In addition, it has 8 international airports, 5 seaports, 5 destinations for cruise ships, marinas for boats and yachts, highways that connect with most cities in the country, and runways for private planes and charter flights.

In the Dominican Republic they value foreign investment, something that has not stopped growing in recent years and that shows an indicator of confidence in foreign investors. Among the special incentives promoted by the country’s government are:

  • Residency by Investment Program
  • Exemption from taxes on real estate transfers
  • Exemption of taxes on mortgages
  • Exemption of the Real Estate Property Tax
  • Properties under the Confotur Law: 3% of purchase costs will not be paid, only legal fees

In addition, it is a member country of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) made up of 15 member countries and which benefits from a free flow of goods and services. This, added to the Foreign Investment Law and the political stability of the country, make investing in the area is synonymous with success where real estate for sale emerges.

Finally, we must not forget that we are talking about an area of ​​the world that stands out for its extensive beaches with turquoise waters and fine white sand where it is difficult not to feel in paradise. In total, it adds 1,576 kilometers of coastline. If, in addition, we add its tropical climate, with temperatures that range between 25ºC and 30ºC all year round, and its excellent gastronomy full of fresh fruits and fish, there are more than enough reasons to invest in the Dominican Republic.

If you are determined to do it but do not know where to start, Blue Caribbean Properties is your best option. Our team is made up of an excellent group of professionals specialized in international investments in the real estate sector in the Dominican Republic. Trust professionals and you will always make the right investment.

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